GTSU Consulting

The GTSU Consulting site is now running on Joomla! for the simple purpose of gaining experience with the Content Management System (CMS) and its capabilities. With experience, GTSUC can propose a better infrastructure for the SJUT site,, which relies too much on IT experts to keep updated and fresh. The site needs a new look and a new life, and that life must be built on a proper framework. Personal experience would favor a .NET framework, but the SJUT staff is more comfortable with PHP, so Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal seem viable options. WordPress might be good for some auxiliary sites, but the University needs something with a bit more power. Drupal seems a bit too complicated. Joomla! from the outside seems to fall between and thus warrant some hands on work. So far, it is clearly more complicated than WordPress, but has good potential. 

To see some of the possibilities for WordPress for supporting course websites, visit the sister site